Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's in Your Web?

Some colleagues and I have been comparing notes on various Web 2.0 tools and making predictions for the future of Web technology. I expected to find more agreement within a group that is professionally homogenous - we are all practicing (or studying-to-be-practicing) instructional designers - but we championed  Dropbox, Glogster, Prezi, Second Life, blogging, holographs and other technology in turn, with almost no overlap

It occurred to me that each of us continually self-selects the scope, specificity and mobility of our cyber-experience, which leads me to ask, "What's in your Web?" 

Sally Bacchetta


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  1. Sally, Interesting blog. I'm not much into blogging, altho I like yours. To answer your question I rely on Dropbox for client portfolios and iterative documents. I haven't found a need for edublogs or wikis myself and I'm not familiar with second life.. I'm interested to know what other people use.