Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review of EDU2.0 CMS

It took me less than five minutes to fall completely in love with EDU2.0 ( EDU2.0 offers many of the same features and Web 2.0 technologies as Canvas (e.g., mobility, open source, multimedia, Curricula and Proficiencies, Coverage and Tracking), but the way EDU2.0 integrates its functions seems a better fit for the way I envision using a CMS in my work. Most of my ID work is in the corporate setting, and EDU2.0 makes a point of being business-friendly. Users can customize logos and color schemes, enjoy unlimited Cloud-based hosting, and even choose their own URL.

EDU2.0 navigation is modeled after Facebook, which most users are likely familiar with. I absolutely love that the EDU2.0 user interface is “highly configurable, and it’s easy to disable almost any feature” ( This is particularly appealing to me because I design both ILT (instructor-led training) and self-paced course, and EDU2.0 flexes easily from one to the other.

Collaboration is essential for developing social presence and reducing transactional distance. EDU2.0 offers a wide range of built-in collaboration tools including groups, forums, blogs, chat rooms, wikis, and video conferencing via Skype (

AND, EDU2.0 tops it all off with a free 30 day trial! Ain’t love grand?

Sally Bacchetta

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